Studies and Images of Time

Curation and Design: Olga Ast
Editors: Buzz Poole, Eli Stockwell

240 pages. ISBN: 978-1-9356132-1-3
All art and text © its respective artists and authors.

    Mark Batty Publisher • 2011

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by Fred Swist
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Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time is a collection of original essays and visual meditations on the nature of time. It includes papers and artwork from the ArcheTime conference & exhibition in 2009 with additional materials.

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contents: text

The Matter of Time. George Musser
Time in Living Systems. Alexei Sharov
Chronographic. Daniel Rosenberg
Art In and Out of Time. Richard Leslie
Visualizing Time. Camilla Torna
Stopping Time: Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky. Matvei Yankelevich
At the End of the Russian Avant-garde. Eugene Ostashevsky
Leonid Lipavsky: The Conversations.
The Conversation of the Hours. Twenty-Four Hours. Alexander Vvedensky
The Universal Knot: on Time, on Space, on Existence. Daniil Kharms
Waiting for go(dot)com. Julia Druk
Time’s Hula-Hoop. Satomi Orita
Cyclical Time Structures in Musics of the African Diaspora. Jesse Stewart
On The Origin of Forms. Olga Ast
January 1, 1924. Osip Mandelstam
The Flight of the Bullet. A Paradox of Being. Vladimir Tuchkov
Time Lines and Time Scales. Ilya Bernstein
Minimalism’s Temporality: Instantaneous vs. Durational Time. Andrea Liu
Ad Hoc Vox: On Time. Panelists: David Z. Albert, Sean Carroll, Stephanie Clare, Dan Falk
A Time-based Art. Ken Jacobs
The Art of Time. Hallie Cohen
The Inner Sense of Age. Aleksandr Kronik, Evgeny Golovakha
Soaking in Time. Lisa Tannenbaum
Too fast or slow for the eye to see. Julia Morgan-Leamon
Time Zero. Emanuel Pimenta
Astro-Timescales and Consciousness. Sean Wrenn
Space-Time Imagery in Art and Science. Norman Zabusky
Considered: Time Fragmented. Katherine Davis
The Music of Hypertime. Paul Doru Mugur
The Tachyonic Anti-telephone. Photography and Freud. Gary Nickard
Complex Temporality of Interactive Architecture. Christian Friedrich
Brief Remarks on the Social Production of Time. Costica Bradatan
An A-Temporal Account Of Time. Patrick Calinescu
Our place in Eternity. Matthew Fritze
The Collapse of Space-Time. Jeremy Levine
Practicing archeology. Everyday Immortality. Vladimir Aristov
Countering History’s Gravity: Narrative’s Proleptic Time Function. Craig Morehead
Time, Universe, and Metabolism. Michael Shulman
Candy Stripers Serve Cacti and Candytuft Salad. Christian Hawkey
The Philoctetes Center: Time. Panelists: Olga Ast, George Musser, Mark Norell, Michael Shara, Peter Whiteley
But What About That Other Time? Buzz Poole
Contributor Biographies

contents: artwork

Making Time. Catherine Rutgers
Time Transformations. Elliott Kaufman
Memory Table. Ellen Wiener
Cultural Landscape. Duoling Huang
Dust Pattern. Irina Danilova
Unmotion. Luba Drozd
Now and Being. Jayoung Yoon
Twins and Clones. Anje Roosjen
Time’s Hula-Hoop. Satomi Orita
The Maybe Mom Ovulation Test 28 day Cycle. Melissa Potter
Untitled. Jesse Stewart
Flow. Kai-Min Hsiung
Timeforms. Keith Brown
A Table of Universal Aspects. Nathan Felde
Statement of the Case. Vanessa Place
At the Banquet of Alphabetic Form. Kara Rooney
Time Pieces. John Boone
What Happened On 23rd Street In 1901. Ken Jacobs
The Unwinding Destiny. Ula Einstein
At First. Kat Kronick
Under Skies. Michaela Nettell
Everyday Epiphanies. Eliza Lamb
Resurrection Plant. Julia Morgan-Leamon
Growth Rendering Device. David Bowen
Experiential Extensions. Edward Johnston
Daily Paintings. Linda Stillman
10 minutes of sunrise. Don Relyea
Nebulae. Scrapworm Kachina. Sean Wrenn
Personal Vision of Time. Hélène Lanois
My Time. Catinca Tilea
Considered: Time Fragmented. Katherine Davis
Escher Grid. Steve Witham
Big Picture. Glen River
The Tachyonic Anti-telephone. Time Machine. Gary Nickard
Interworld. Michael Filimowicz
Graphemes and Mathemes. Chris Basmajian
Time/Light. Sarah Bliss
Purple Past. MaryAnne Laurico
Time and Telemetry. Matthew Fritze
Franklin Street 1, 9 / Palisades Parkway. Brandon Neubauer
Drawing Through “Rosemary’s Baby.” Robert David
Infinity. Elizabeth Grachev
Evolution, Change, Patterns. Debra Swack
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Special thanks to:

Francis Levy and Edward Nersessian,
founders of Philoctetes Center and organizers of the 'TIME' roundtable;
Colleen Asper and Jennifer Dudley,
organizers of the AD HOC VOX discussion 'ON TIME'; and
Jesse Stewart,
a creator of artwork 'Untitled' (365 clock hands), reproduced on the book cover.

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